What is Adblue?

AdBlue® (catalytic exhaust additive or DEF, Diesel Exhaust Fluid) is used in many on road applications and is becoming more popular with off road machinery in the effort to reduce NOX (Nitrogen Oxide Emissions), a gas responsible for environmental damage to the ozone.

AdBlue when added at the catalytic converter changes the exhaust gas properties reducing Nitrogen Oxide and producing water and Nitrogen in its place.

Manufacturers are insisting that AdBlue® is used in application as recommended on machinery fitted with AdBlue® injection equipment. The important information to retain is that not all AdBlue® solutions are the same.

You must look for suppliers with verified AdBlue® with VDA Certification, using the finest ingredients to manufacture the solution otherwise there is a real risk of damage to expensive catalytic and exhaust systems.

At Onsite Fuel, we supply packaged and bulk AdBlue® as required by manufacturers and customers on site direct to your equipment. Packaged goods include 20 Ltr pails, 208 Ltr Drums and 1000 Ltr IBC’s or take it straight from the tanker.

AdBlue® is NOT added to or mixed with diesel fuel, it has its own separate delivery and meter.

*Not all models are fitted with AdBlue® capability.

Onsite Fuel supplies ProBlue® and Other AdBlue® manufactured to meet or exceed VDA certification and the product will perform as intended without damage to exhaust systems when applied correctly.