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247With our fleet of Sydney based Tankers we offer on site refuelling of both on-road and off-road diesel fuels directly into equipment or storage tanks in construction - demolition - earthmoving - power generation - marine - equipment hire - transportation - fleet and agriculture. This service allows our customers to have refuelling performed on their site without the need to have costly tanks and dispensing equipment. This saves you time and money.

Our prompt services are available on demand or on a scheduled basis allowing you to determine exactly when you will need a fuel delivery to keep your operations running 24-7. You tell us when you need a delivery, we do not tell you when we can deliver.

We are a fuel management team focused on delivering our customers control over fuel cost - productivity - information and delivery. We keep you fuelled, no matter what.

Personal Service is the real reason for ONSITE FUEL's growth and loyal customer base. We are committed to providing friendly and efficient services that add value to our customers operations in the field and also in the office

Other services include Sydney Diesel pumping and Petroleum transport - diesel tank treatment service to extend shelf life plus a dual phase quick kill to eliminate microbes including algae, mould and water dispersant giving your fuel and tank the thumbs up and you will be surprised how cost effective this is.

Ask us about field testing your diesel fuel tanks from only $99.00 including GST

Ask us about our packaged diesel engine oils, hydraulic fluids and grease carried on every truck

Our MSDS, SWMS, registrations and insurances plus all product information forms are available upon request

If you're seeking a Sydney fuel and lubricant supplier who's dedicated to meeting your needs call ONSITE FUEL now on 0437 900 900